3 Potential Health Benefits of Keeping Clean Carpets

There are a number of benefits to regularly cleaning carpets.  Not only does keeping your carpets clean, make them look better, last longer and smell fresher, there are also some potential health benefits to cleaning them on a regular basis.


1. Improves Air Quality

There is no doubting that a carpet has many benefits to a home.  They are warm, soft under foot, they are great for kids to play on instead of hard tiled floors and they can look fantastic.  However, they are also great at gathering types of dust, mud and dirt trodeen in from outside, mold spores, pollen, pet hairs, mites, pesticides and many other little nasties that come from inside the house or a brought in from outside.  This can affect the air that you breathe inside the house.  The US environmental protection agency states it is critical to regularly vacuum your carpets and occasionally wet clean the carpets to remove the above issues and improve the quality of air circulation within the home.

2. Can help with Pet Allergies

Millions of home owners are also pet owners.  If you have ever owned a dog that sheds it’s hair you will know what it’s like to see your carpet with hairs within it, your sofa and upholstery covered in hairs.  What you may not see is the animal dander.  Animal dander is an animals dead skin cells.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America states that if you are allergic to pets dander or hair and you still want to keep a pet, then you should regularly steam clean your carpets to reduce the amount of animal dander within the house.

3.  Can with Dust Mite Allergies

House Dust Mites are less than a millimetre in length and feed off mold and skin cells found in carpets, upholstery and mattresses.  These little critters excrement (gross I know) can cause allergies in people if not kept under some type of control.  Allergy UK suggests regular carpet cleaning and steaming where carpets are required and can not be replaced with another type of flooring.

Of course there are many more health benefits to keeping your carpets and homes clean, if you know some more drop us a comment.

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