7 Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of those game you tend to play only ever so often at a friends house in their games room, a sports hall or on holiday.  But did you know that there are seveal benefits to playing ping pong.  Not only is it a great sport and fun to play, it can also help keep you fit and alert.  You see, with ping pong you can play fast games and slow games, depening on your skill and that of your opponent.  However, whatever the pace or skill level, you will be moving, burning calories, using hand eye co-ordination and doing so whilst having fun with friends and family.

7 benefits of playing Ping Pong

Below are just some of the benefits to playing this great sport.

Keeps you fit

Even when playing a slow game, you are still moving about the table.  You are twisting and turning, using your core, legs and arms.  So basically it’s like a mini aerobic session.

Helps control your weight

That’s right, although you are having lots of fun, you are also burning calories.  Weight watchers, the diet company has an article on their website that states ‘most beginner ping pong / table tennis players will be burn betwenn 200 and 350 calories per hour.  This compares favourably to say, walking for an hour.  It can be a lot more fun also.

Improves Reflexes

When you play ping pong you will develop your hand, eye co-ordination and improve your reflexes.  You need to react to your opponents shots.  As you improve, so will your relexes.

It’s a greath Brain workout

Ping pong keeps your brain sharp.  Dr D Amen calls ping pong the greatest brain sport because you are using your parietal and occipital lobes and your pre-frontal cortex and cerebellum when tactically planning and completing your shots.  This also helps dvelop your startegic and problem solving skills.

Meet other people

By it’s very nature – two or four players, ping pong is great for meeting people and developing friendships.  Although it can be a competitive support it is also a social sport.  You will be surprised how many local clubs there are in sports centers and community centres – joing a club and meet new friends.

It is joint friendly

As you get older some sports can be problematic if you have previous psorting injuries.  Ping pong is relatively easy on the joints.

It’s Great Fun

Ping Pong is a fun game to play.  Cast your mind back to the last time you played ping pong – whether it was on holiday, at school or at a friends, I bet you remember it being a fun game to play.

So there you have it – Not only is Ping pong a great game to play, it also helps with keeping fit and keeping the brain sharp.  if you haven’y played a game in a  long time, give it a go, I’m sure you will love it.

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