3 Important Food Compounds For Building Muscle And General Fitness

There’s a saying “Garbage in, garbage out”, whose origins lie in the early days of computing. If you put faulty data in, you got faulty data out. Well the same principle applies to your diet. For long, enough I thought I could eat pretty much what I wanted in the way of junk food, and […]

Should You Buy a Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker?

Homemade ice cream is a wonderful treat, especially in the summer (and it’s pretty good in the winter, too!) Ice cream makers have come a long way, and the modern ones are super easy to use. The bestselling ice cream maker on the market today is the Cuisinart ICE-21. It makes 1.5 quarts per batch […]

Aloe Vera – Is It Really A Wonder Plant?

The fact that aloe vera is to be found amongst the ingredients of so many products means that you may not give this amazing plant a second thought. You might know that it’s in many skin care products and that it is good for burns, but that could be about it. If you are fortunate […]

Beginner Juicing Tips

When it come to juicing, it is fun to experiment with different flavours however there are a few tips to keep in mind before you start throwing things into your juicer. Flavour Combinations When picking out what vegetable or fruit you want to juice, think of the different combinations that you already know will taste […]

Why I Love Foods Made from Coconut

Once upon a time, coconut had a bad reputation as an unhealthy food. High in saturated fat, and with no organic products readily available, it was a food that I, as a health-conscious eater, made a point of avoiding in my diet. Times have changed, and the once-reviled coconut has been redeemed into a health […]

My Favorite Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Coconut ice cream is a delicious, healthy alternative to regular dairy ice cream. It’s a favorite of many ice cream lovers, especially those who can’t eat dairy products due to food allergies. I’ve experimented with different recipes for my ice cream maker and want to share mine. I’ve juggled the ingredients for the best balance […]

80/10/10 Explained

80/10/10, sometimes shortened to 811, is a way of eating championed by Dr. Doug Graham. It is the calorific ratio of carbohydrates/proteins/fats that he recommends for optimum health. In fact the 80 means, at least 80% of our calories should come from carbs and no more than 10% from protein and a maximum of 10% […]

The Best Health Movie – Forks Over Knives

Of the many health movies that I have watched in recent years, one of the stand outs has been Forks Over Knives. The title is a play on words suggesting that using a fork, to feed ourselves the right foods, is a better way to look after our health than the knife, the surgeon’s scalpel. […]