3 Important Food Compounds For Building Muscle And General Fitness

Pasta salad and pork chop

There’s a saying “Garbage in, garbage out”, whose origins lie in the early days of computing. If you put faulty data in, you got faulty data out. Well the same principle applies to your diet. For long, enough I thought I could eat pretty much what I wanted in the way of junk food, and […]

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Ready to Transform - Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a complicated medical condition. It may also be called Fibrositis, Fibromyositis, or Fibromyalgia Syndrome. A Chronic Pain Condition Two of the most noteworthy hallmarks of the malady are profuse pain (which can vary, rotate, and migrate in location) and also fatigue. There can be a myriad of other symptoms, including sleep difficulties. Diagnosis […]

Underwater Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Ready to Transform Water Exercise for Fibromyalgia

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I already know that you have been through lots. It is not the easiest diagnosis for physicians to make, nor the easiest medical condition to live with. The good news is that therapeutic exercise can offer relief. Skeptical about Water You might be a little leery about water […]

Core Jeanie Rub Massager Review

Core Jeanie Rub Massager

There’s nothing better than getting a massage to sooth aching muscles, improve circulation and to just plain relax and let go. Unfortunately, getting a good massage usually means expensive visits to a massage therapist or sports medicine facility. With the Core Jeanie Rub Massager, though, you can get the kind of high quality, vibration massage […]

Can It Be Easy To Quit Alcohol?

When the New Year comes round it’s common for a few friends I have to quit alcohol for January. They usually achieve it pretty much but boy are they grumpy for a month! What is this hold that wine, beer and spirits has over us? Surely quitting it for 30 days shouldn’t make us grumpy? […]

Philips GoLITE Blu Light Therapy Device – A Happier You!


When I recently discovered a friend of mine was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I sent some time researching what I could do to help her. Whilst your doctor can prescribe you medication and antidepressants for this condition, she was very hesitant to do so, always favoring more natural remedies if available. My research […]

How To Beat Seasonal Depression


I was really pleased to bump into an old friend of mine recently.  I hadn’t seen her in the park with her children for a while and I had missed our friendly catch ups, two mums together putting the world to rights.  After enquiring about her whereabouts I was a little surprised to find out […]

A Streamlined Guide To Vitamins

The human body relies on vitamins and minerals for growth, energy, and all-around health and well being. Most of these essential vitamins are supplied through natural means such as food and sunlight. However, when diet alone is insufficient, manufactured supplements can help a person ingest the proper amount of vitamins needed for maintaining optimal health. […]

Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

Do you find yourself getting tired around the middle of the day, but you’ve already consumed your daily quota of caffeine? If you are like me, there is a natural alternative to giving you an energy boost and no I am not talking about drinking one of those energy drinks either. I’ve been taking supplements […]

Staying Healthy – A Common Sense Approach

When it comes to good health, there is a vast array of information online. The challenge of course is to filter that information and come up with your own overall plan of attack. Taking care of yourself is really a holistic approach in my opinion. Taking a few nutritional supplements, but forgetting to take care […]