Getting A Lean and Well-Toned Body Is Easy… When You Know How

It doesn’t matter what area of your body is that you want to get lean and toned. It all comes down to two simple facts. One you need enough muscle mass in the first place, and two you need as little fat as possible covering that area of your physique.   So you need to […]

3 Every Day Weight Loss Tips

If you’re even remotely interested in losing weight, then you’ve already heard about most if not all of the most important ways to lose that excess body fat. I’m sure I have. You can hardly turn on the TV or open a magazine or newspaper, without some mention of keeping your weight under control and […]

Workout Less And Lose Body Fat With Turbulence Training

If you’re looking to lose belly fat or you can’t fit into the clothes you’d like. Or maybe it’s the embarrassment of having a big gut and not being able to take shirt off in the summer. Toning up your muscles and interval training is one of the fastest ways for you to begin to […]

Three Reasons Why Diets Fail

Which Diet? Now days there are so many diets to choose from, so why do most diets fail? Firstly a drastic cut in your food intake is going to cause you to experience real hunger pangs. Hunger pangs are hardwired into your survival system and can be very difficult to cope with, because your body […]

One Of The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

There’s a bloke I work with who can’t understand how I can eat crisps and chocolate on my lunch breaks and not get fat. This guy is often on a diet, has cut out chocolate completely from his diet. Something I find virtually impossible to do, I have a sweet tooth and just love chocolate. […]

How I Am Using The 4 Hour Body Diet

4 Hour Body Review I purchased the Four Hour Body when I was searching for information on changing the way I eat and train. I wanted to train more efficiently by spending less time in the gym and to eat meals that were nutritionally good for me, didn’t leave me wanting to wolf down a […]

Why I am No Longer A Human Food Disposal Unit

From an early age I have always been a big eater. I like big portions and I like my desserts. My friends and family have commented numerous times that they ‘don’t know where I put it’ or ‘I must have hollow legs’ because I could generally eat what I like and through regular exercise I […]