Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juicer

In Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, an Australian man by the name of Joe Cross embarks on a 60 day juice fast for more reasons other than his weight, he suffers from a rare auto immune disorder that could lead to a premature death if he continues to eat the way he does.

By the end of the film he has lost an incredible amount of weight, as well as stopped taking the pills he needed previously to keep him healthy. If anyone really wants to witness the benefits of juicing for health, then this film is one to watch.

What’s The Juicer In Fat Sick and Nearly Dead?

If you’ve seen Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (www.fatsickandnearlydead.com) and you’re looking for the juicer he uses in it I’m afraid he never actually says!

We do know that it’s a Breville juicing machine and I’m almost 100% sure it’s the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain or one very similar.

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They have, cleverly, created a Jack LaLanne juicer range for Breville too but obvisouly this was after the film was made. These have a premium price though so check out the other Breville models before you buy.

But if you haven’t seen Fat Sick and Nearly Dead then read on for some good reasons why juicing can be good for your health and wellbeing.

Instead of sauteing some vegetables for a meal, or biting into an apple, juicing offers a healthy alternative to eating these foods. The process of juicing takes place using a juicing machine (like the one pictured) to grind fruits and vegetables and extracting the liquid. There are a number of benefits associated with juicing for health including a strengthened immune system, and weight loss.

Nothing New In Juicing

Juicing is not a new phenomenom; it has been around for centuries; however, it was not until 1930 that the first juicing machine was invented. At this time juicers were operated using a hydraulic press that compressed mashed fruit or vegetables that had been placed in a bag.

The first kitchen counter juicer was created in 1955; this machine used a screen to force the mashed vegetables through to extract the juice. Juicing was made popular by two schools of thought: the natural hygiene and the naturopathic movements.

Juicing Benefits: Nutrient Absorption

Juicing extracts the majority of the liquid from fruits and vegetables, leaving behind the pulp. Pulp is fiber, and the body is unable to digest this. Proponents of juicing states that the body absorbs vitamins better, and in particular vitamins C and A when they are liquidated.

The Norwalk Juicer company states that by juicing your fruits and vegetables, the body is able to bypass the process of trying to digest fiber which leads to the efficient absorption of nutrients.

Juicing Benefits: Detoxification

Juicing detoxifies the body by taking a break from the process of digestion due to the fact that fiber has been eliminated. Stefan Aschan, the owner of a fitness and nutrition company states that juicing allows the liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines to repair and rest. Juicing gives the body the opportunity for nutrients to penetrate the system without any stress. This boosts the immune system, as well as cleansing the body.

Juicing Benefits: Weight Loss

There are a number of weight loss plans that are advocates of juicing. It is claimed that juicing facilitates healthy eating, and boosts the metabolism. The body is able to absorb nutrients better, as well as detoxify which aids in weight loss. Juicing also assists in reducing cravings for other foods which gives you a feeling of balance.

Fruits and vegetables should be included in a healthy and balanced diet. We should all consume a certain amount of fruits and vegetables each day.

Juicing is a convenient way of getting all the healthy nutrients that you need all at once, without having to remember to eat them throughout the day. If you struggle to consume your recommended daily allowance for fruit and vegetables, juicing is the way forward.


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