Getting A Lean and Well-Toned Body Is Easy… When You Know How

It doesn’t matter what area of your body is that you want to get lean and toned. It all comes down to two simple facts. One you need enough muscle mass in the first place, and two you need as little fat as possible covering that area of your physique.
So you need to do either of the following:

Lose the fat that is presently covering your muscles.
Add some more muscle mass.
A combination of both together.

When it comes to first item on the list, losing the fat that is covering your muscle, one thing you can’t do is Spot Reduce the fat from one area of your body. For instance, you can do as many abdominal toning exercises as you want, but you won’t lose fat from just around your abs. Your body is only capable of losing fat from your entire body overall. Your genetics alone will determine where you lose the fat from first.

Now for item two, you have to lift enough weight or resistance that overloads your muscles in order for them to grow. If you can perform more than 12 repetitions of any exercise comfortably, without resting, then the weight or resistance is too light.

For item three, you can control your food/calorie intake and perform weight or resistance training exercises together. The more exercise you do the more fat you will burn from your whole body.

So having a well-toned body is simply a matter of having enough muscle mass and as low body fat as possible. There’s no magic pill or special exercise routine shortcut to a toned physique. All you need is well designed exercise program and a healthy eating plan.

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