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4 Hour Body Review

4 hour body reviewI purchased the Four Hour Body when I was searching for information on changing the way I eat and train. I wanted to train more efficiently by spending less time in the gym and to eat meals that were nutritionally good for me, didn’t leave me wanting to wolf down a cheeseburger afterwards and didn’t pile on the pounds.

I wasn’t and I am still not looking for the four hour body because I don’t think it exists, but the title of book and the coverage it was receiving intrigued me so I went ahead and purchased it.

The book is written by Tim Ferris, an entrepreneur and someone who describes himself as a guide and explorer rather than expert. He certainly seems to live an active and eventful life.

I will start off by saying there are chapters in the book that didn’t interest me when I first heard of the 4 hour body. I was only interested in the chapters on diet, nutrition and weights training and I am mainly going to discuss the diet elements here.

I have read conflicting advice on certain elements of his diet which I will go into later. That being said, I enjoyed the book and as I mentioned in my recent new diet and training post, I have incorporated some of his ideas into my daily eating habits and for me personally, they are working.

I will highlight the key areas of the diet element that interested me most…

Tim has five rules to follow:

  1. Avoid white carbohydrates – breads, rice, cereals and so on. I read conflicting advice on this. Tim’s reasoning seems valid and Web MD explains it very well so I have eliminated a lot of  (but not all) white carbs from my diet.
  2. Eat the same types of meals during the week. As long as you are getting enough of what your body requires, this makes sense to me. It’s far easier to plan meals and stick to a routine when you do not have a limited meal choice of food groups to prepare meals from. It’s quick and simple to follow. Tim provides the types of food groups he recommends, the number of meals to prepare and when to eat them.
  3. Don’t drink calories – Tim doesn’t agree with it and I can’t see anything wrong with his arguments . Avoid drinking sweetened tea, coffee, beverages and milk and drink more water. Tea and coffee are fine, just without the sugar, sweeteners or milk.
  4. Don’t eat fruit – This is where I don’t agree with Tim. The United Kingdom’s NHS is a strong advocate of eating your 5 a day – five fruits and vegetables  per day as part of a healthy diet. He does provide his reasons and you can either agree with them or not. Plus I now like my fruit smoothies  too much.
  5. Take one day off per week and eat what you like…What’s not to like, however this should be done within reason and not become a license to binge eat.

Within each rule the 4 hour body diet lays out the do’s, the dont’s and the whys. Tim Ferris backs his opinions up with his research and we as readers should do the same. I have incorporated some suggestions into my diet, and some things I haven’t through research and personal choice. You can do the same.

I have also changed part of my training regime to include some of the training methods Tim discusses. Not completely, just some. Although not earth shattering and I haven’t turned into a hunk of muscle, It hasn’t had a negative impact and I am spending less time in the gym. For full disclosure, I recently changed my training habits to concentrate more on core exercises and the basic fundamentals, squats, chin ups, dips etc so this has had an effect on the time I spend in the gym as well. I will say that I am pleased with the results of this new routine which has elements from the book.

Overall Opinion of The 4 Hour Body By Tim Ferris

I love the way the book is written and Tim certainly seems to back up a lot of what he suggests in many of the chapters by researching and testing theories on himself!  Obviously this is not a big sample size and I would never recommend anyone do the same type of tests without expert help or opinion.

Now for the parts of the book that interested me (diet and training) – Although I don’t follow the diet to the letter, I have included elements into my eating habits and personally I am pleased with the results. I can also say the same for the gym training elements that I took away from the book.

The 4 hour body may not be for everyone and has quite a few controversial ideas but it definitely kept my interest and got me off my butt to do some of my own research and testing. Therefore, I am happy with the purchase and what I have gained (knowledge from the book and my own research).

Do I agree with everything in the book?  No, but I am glad I purchased it as it offers a different perspective than other types of book in this niche.

You can personally view the 4 Hour Body chapters and purchase the book or kindle here at Amazon.

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