Nose Hair Trimmer – These Models Will Trim Unwanted Nasal Hair

Some people are embarrassed to discuss this topic, but not me. It’s just a fact of life. I am talking about nose hair of course! For many men, having loose strands of hair hanging from their nostrils is ok, for others, nasal hair on show for all the world to see will never be an option and this is why the Nose Hair Trimmer has become increasingly popular during the last few years.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Male grooming products are everywhere and men are openly discussing what products they use to make them look and feel better. With this new openness and increased demand for products there has been a growth in nose hair trimmers, but which is the best nose hair trimmer for your needs?
The answer of course is it depends on your requirements and preferences. Many electric shavers come with a nose hair clipper attachment. For the wet shavers amongst us an electric or manually wound trimmer is probably the best and cheapest option.

Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews

I am going to discuss two similar but different nose hair trimmers. The battery operated Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer and the manually operated Groom Mate Platinum XL nose hair trimmer.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair Trimmer

This is my favorite battery operated nose hair trimmer of the moment. In times gone by Panasonic nose hair trimmers have sometimes received a bit of criticism, mainly around the shape of the handle and durability issues. The ER GN30 K has answers for these criticisms.

panasonic er GN30 K Nose Hair trimmerThe shape of the trimmer is ergonomically designed to fit your hand and your nostrils. It’s dual edged, stainless steel blades and protective guard ensures that you achieve a safe, close trim, whilst leaving just enough hair inside the nostril to protect the body from harmful particles and bacteria.

The new Panasonic only requires one AA battery for a full 90 minutes of use and is very quiet for a nose trimmer. Clean up is also a breeze due this model utilizing Panasonics wet/dry technology which means you can quickly clean the trimmer by simply rinsing under a tap. This is a top selling nose hair trimmer with nearly 200 5 and 4 star reviews on Amazon because the ER GN30 K is durable, looks and handles great and provides a safe and neat nose, ear and eyebrow trim.

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If you don’t want a battery or electric nose hair trimmer the Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer may be for you.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer

The Groom Mate is made from brushed steel by US company Groom Mate and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It differs from most nose hair trimmers in that it is manually operated. To operate the trimmer you perform a twisting motion to make the blades rotate. Some user reviews state they found the twisting a bit difficult to perform but there are 100s of positive reviews from people who use the groom mate with great success.

The Groom Mate comes in a great little case and because there are no batteries or power supply, it is very easy to clean.

Personally I prefer the battery operated models, but whichever nose hair removal method you use, remember to just trim the hair and remove the roots.

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