Bayou Fitness Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Review

It used to be that if you wanted to have a wide range of dumbbell weights, you had to purchase either lots of plates or lots of dumbbell sets. Neither of these options is a great solution if you are simply trying to get in a great resistance workout at home, as they both take […]

Three Reasons People Stay Away From Weight Training.

Number 1 If feels strange and unnatural. The main aim of weight training is to lift as heavy as weight as possible for a given number of repetitions. In our day to day activities we rarely if ever pushes ourselves like this, to the point of physical and muscular fatigue. Number 2 We’re frightened of […]

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 Review

As much as I’ve seen all sorts of high tech workout equipment hit the market in recent years, it’s still possible to get a great workout at home with free weights. In fact, some studies suggest that despite all the hype around newer fitness machines, free weight lifting remains the more effective option for building […]

How Many Repetitions Should You Use In A Weight Training Program

In a previous post I talked about the misconception that weight training will automatically give you the sort of huge, bulky muscles that bodybuilders generally have. The reality is the sort of muscle tone or size that you get from weight training depends on the number of repetitions you do for each set of exercises. […]

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

First of all I have to say a big thank you to Ready To Transform for allowing me to make this post to the site. Thank you. This article is going to be about my problems with lack of space when it came to creating a home gym. No matter how hard I tried to […]