Vigorous Pool Exercise to Reduce Stress

Utilizing water exercise as a way to alleviate stress is a tried and true method for facilitating relaxation and mental well-being.

In today’s Western world it is all too easy to get wound up and freaked out by all we have to do and contend with. Hydro exercise can help with that kind of urban stress.

Why Water

Pool water is warm and much like the cozy environment of the womb. When man is around water, cares just seem to melt away.

When was the last time you saw someone bummed out at the beach? Very rarely, if ever, I would guess!

Type of Water Activity

If you have the mental wherewithal to get into the plunge and be active without equipment, then more power to you.

Most of us need some kind of tool to trigger our brain to exercise. In the case of water, using webbed water mitts can be fantastic. Move your arms to and fro against the water, and you’ll almost immediately be able to feel your arm muscles getting tired from the rigor of doing that.

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Water Swim Gloves

Speedo swim gloves can help tone your body in the pool.

They come in a variety of sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) and in assorted colors (Gray, Yellow, and Blue).

When it comes to Olympic caliber swimwear, Speedo has been one of the names that swimmers have favored. That same reputation for quality carries over into their swim accessories like webbed swim hand gloves and protective eye goggles.

Why Not Just Relax

Now you might be asking yourself, why for goodness sakes, do I have to do any amount of notable exercise once in the water.

That’s simple.

You need to tire your physical body so that your racing mind slows down.

Exercise will do that for you.

Discover Stress Relief

How long you will need to be active in the water may depend on you. For me, the water gets me half the way to relaxation and stressor reduction, and the exercise takes me the rest of the way.

Water plus exercise is an excellent combination. Some places offer the added bonus of a super-warm heated pool. With warm temperatures your muscles relax, and the built up tightness they have had from the day, can just fade  away.

When to Start

Don’t put off this mode of exercise because you feel you are too busy or don’t have the time.

NOW is the time.

The pool is the place.

Don’t make up excuses such as that there is no pool access, or the times are not compatible with your schedule.

Make it happen.

Transform Yourself

Are you ready to transform from the person you are today into the person that you know you can be?

You deserve the life you envision.

Grab the swim gloves, find the pool, and dive in.

You’ll watch the difficulties of the day rise from the water’s surface, just like the steam in a warm pool.

What an easy way to become mellow, simply by using water and swim exercise gloves.


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  1. Swimming is a great way to ease into exercise when you are on the obese side. I have recently begun a journey to transform my pretty overweight body and think when the time comes to start exercising it will be in a pool. Running, or even walking, is out for me because my knees won’t take it, but there’s no joint stress when in the pool!

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